What time does Lowe’s closes and open?

Lowe’s Companies is an American company that concentrates on home improvement and sells on retails of appliances around Mexico, Canada and the United States. The company was found in North Carolina around 1946 and has less than two thousand stores in the said countries. It is second in the list of large hardware stores in America coming after Home Depot.

When the founder, Lucius Smith Lowe died around the 1940’s, his daughter named Ruth inherited the company but decided to her best interest to sell it to her brother Jim on the very same year. Jim then decided to take Carl Buchan to partner up with the family business around 1943. After some time, the two had settled some indifference making Buchan the only owner of Lowe’s. Later on, the chain expanded and even took a start on grocery food store.

The company headquarters is located in North Carolina around Mooresville which has a four hundred thousand square foot building. Lowe’s won eight awards consecutively from Energy Star from the year 2003 to 2010 due to their great service and reliable products and they are also eco-friendly as they made up a policy saying that all their wood products would never come from the rainforests. If you need to find more information and closest Lowe’s locations near you please visit their official web site.

What time does Lowe’s open

  • Monday 06:00 – 22:00 (6AM-10PM)
  • Tuesday 06:00 – 22:00 (6AM-10PM)
  • Wednesday 06:00 – 22:00 (6AM-10PM)
  • Thursday 06:00 – 22:00 (6AM-10PM)
  • Friday 06:00 – 22:00 (6AM-10PM)
  • Saturday 06:00 – 22:00 (6AM-10PM)
  • Sunday 06:00 – 22:00 (6AM-10PM)
  • Is Lowe’s open on Sunday

    Lowe’s is on Sunday open.

    Lowe’s Holiday Hours – Open

    Is Lowe’s open on following holidays:

  • Mardi Gras
  • Black Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Halloween
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Columbus Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Tax Day
  • Easter Monday
  • President’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Valentines Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Mother’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • For above Holidays Lowe’s is open.

    Lowe’s Holiday Hours – Closed

    Is Lowe’s open on following Holidays:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Lowe’s is closed on above mentioned Holidays.

    Lowe’s Operating hours

    With their many branches, here are some of the time frames in which they close up daily depending on the branch’s location

    The Lowe’s closes around 7 in the evening for the branch in Presque Isle which is actually great especially if your job is only from nine to five. Perfect for grabbing any home improvement supplies to last you through the repairs you plan on doing for your house. It is very important to know if there is a branch near you to make use of this.

    Lowe’s closes at eight in the evening for the Monroeville branch in Pennsylvania which is a practical store where you can get everything you need from the smallest of screws to the biggest of appliance. Name it and they are most likely to have it for you. Should there be some complications, you can always visit the branch you bought something from and they are sure to assist you with just that.

    In Miami in Florida, the Lowe’s closes around eight in the evening which is just the right time for those who gets out of their work a little bit later than usual. Due to this, you can go for an unexpected overtime and still expect to do some tinkering around the house and make the most out of what you want. You can rely on this store to give you real good service and help you on with your life and most especially around the house.

    Around Dyersburg in Tennessee Lowe’s closes at seven in the evening like most of the branches are because this is just the perfect time for the shoppers to be finished with messing up with the things that they want or need from the store. Should you be expecting to work late and clash with their schedule, it is best to tell them ahead or maybe to drop by a little early to get what you need they open at eight in the morning should you ever find the need to get there before you go to work to get what you think you want for your fixtures at your house.

    Lowe’s closes at eight in the evening at Bryan in Texas just the right time if you are a hard worker that likes to spend most of his nights at work and barely has the time to fix things at home. If you have a wife waiting for you to surprise her, win her over with home improvement supplies that she will surely never resist and you will definitely woo her and enjoy your marriage

    The branch in Washington around Bellingham will surely make you feel at home as the branch of Lowe’s closes around nine in the evening at the area. They are truly a great sours of home improvement things and if you are looking for a retailer of hardware stuff and even appliances, then this one is definitely the right place to go to.

    The branch in North Carolina around Charlotte of Lowe’s closes around eight in the evening and is rated quite high by the customers going in and out of the hardware store that goes inside to look in for appliances and things to improve their houses or their lives. This is one of those things that are truly amazing and should you have the time, drop by this store and have the time of your life trying to find the right things. Molybdenum

    Lowe’s closes around eight in the evening in Cape Girardeau as a home improve center and also a hardware retail store that will serve you according to your heart’s desire. They even have a very hit items that you would surely want to look at every time they have a new item or if you have been saving up for some items that you want to buy as soon as possible, or as soon as your savings are enough to buy one.

    The branch in Bentonville in Arizona of Lowe’s closes at around eight in the evening and opens up around the same time in the morning. They have a high customer service especially regarding their retailed hardware supplies and home improvement items that people are sure to love and adore.

    Lowe’s closes around eight in the evening for the warehouse like branch in Valdosta in Georgia. They have tons of stuff to choose from that you will surely look like heaven to you if you are fond of tools, hardware stuff or anything that you might use to improve your home and other fixtures around the house.

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    There is also a branch at Wichita in Kansas of Lowe’s closes around eight in the evening, should you happen to be out late at work because of the many accounts that you might be handling or tons of paperwork laid out in front of you. Go pick up that stool you have always wanted or maybe the couch you have been saving a lot of money for.

    Lowe’s closes at eight in the evening at the branch around Bixby in Oklahoma that sells a lot of things that will surely help in making your house feel more like a home. They have a good record of customer service and they can accommodate you so that the things that you buy will suit your taste after all.

    The branch at Roeland Park around Kansas of Lowe’s closes at eight in the evening to give those who are late goers a bit more of lee time to find the things that they need to use around their house. Other supplies such as hardware stuff are also highly recommended.


    Around Maine, in Auburn, the branch of Lowe’s closes around eight in the evening to suit the needs of those people who tends to buy their things late in the evening because they are too busy during the day to tend to the needs of their home. This one is perfect for the kind of people that are always working or finding something to work upon at home.

    The branch in Tulsa around Oklahoma of Lowe’s closes at eight in the evening and has a very high customer service rate so if you plan on dropping by, then you are assure that they have quality service to find you what you need at the price that you can afford. Go and splurge on buying some high quality rugs, place mats or curtains or maybe cans of paints if you are feeling pretty happy to paint a room.

    Lowe’s closes at eight in the evening at Broken Arrow in Oklahoma for those who wants their house to be perfect. Once you have tried their famous pieces to put in your house, you will surely feel like a doll living in a very nice house to begin with.


    Derby in Kansas branch of Lowe’s closes at eight in the evening and opens at around the same time in the morning so should, every time you plan to sort through the house and make it a little more homey for your taste, you can definitely rely on their services and their hands to help you carry what you bought.

    Lowe’s closes around eight in the evening in Bartlesville in Oklahoma and it opens around nine in the morning for those that are late risers and still want to start their day right along the path to happiness and success for the day. Go here and enjoy shopping to your heart’s content and but all that you need and more of what you want.

    The branch in Ozark around Molybdenum is around eight in the evening of Lowe’s closes just like most of the braches which will surely satisfy all of your needs and leave a smile on your face by the end of your time spent there just as your money was spent.


    If you should want to buy something that is totally worth every penny that you can scrounge, then going to the branch of Lowe’s closes in Fayetteville in Arizona at eight in the evening to give you everything that you want and supply you with all that you may need around the house. You just need to drop by before they close and be on your way home.

    All your hard work will not go to waste should you decide to shop at the branch in Springfield in Molybdenum of Lowe’s closes around eight in the evening, go before they close and grab what you need and be assured that you would not be a bit disappointed in their products and for what you have paid them for.

    The branch at Hutchinson in Kansas of Lowe’s closes at eight in the evening and you should go visit them and consult them for the prices of the things that you want to buy. They will accommodate you to the best they can and provide the best items for you that will be worth every penny that you spend with them.

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