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One of the all-time favorites of not just American people but people around the world are looking for answer on where to find Sushi near me nowadays. Sushi is a Japanese food that consists of rolls of cooked sticky rice that is garnished with egg, veggies and raw fish. If you want to go try out some sushi, here are some of the best sushi bars that might be near you!

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Sushi places near me

Crave Restaurant

If you are up for sushi with a bit of American mix at a restaurant that is in a popular mall, then Crave restaurant is just right for you. They have a great selection of beer, the best wine list and tons of great cocktails that is the perfect partner with sushi. They can be found in Michigan should you want to visit them sometimes soon.

Sushi near me

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar

The best thing about this sushi bar is the conveyor belt that makes it look cool and classy. You will find the restaurant at Irvine in California. The order is usually a wait but they have healthy options and the place is pretty casual so you might want to try this place out.

SanTo’s Buffet

In Florida, Coconut Creek to be exact, you will find an all you can eat buffet featuring sushi and even sake. The place is usually a wait but they have a grain wine list and American food to soothe your hunger and thirst while you wait and the all you can eat is pretty much worth it.

POC American Fusion

Contemporary and upscale is what this place will offer you. There are thousands of seafood and desserts to choose from to make your sushi and you get to eat all you can. They have a great wine list and they offer great cocktails that are perfect for your sushi cravings. The place can be found in Coral Gables in Florida should you want to visit.

Sushi bars near me now

Kula Sushi

Another restaurant that features a conveyor belt is this simple Japanese restaurant that serves a lot of sushi and dishes that will surely satisfy you. Try them out at Rancho Cucamonga in California. They are quite famous for their healthy options and their great dessert. The place is also casual and it is perfect for lunch time as they open at eleven thirty in the morning.

Edamame Sushi Bar

If you like tea together with your sushi and amazing desserts, then go here at Ardmore in Oklahoma for your casual dining and such. The place is casual so you can definitely relax and stay full all in one!

Masu and Robata

In Bloomington, you will see one of the most famous sushi restaurants in the place that has vegetarian options and a great tea selection, perfect for those tea lovers out there. The place is casual too so you can just go along there and order what you want.

Thai Sushi

Have your sushi Thai style of you happen to be in Eustis in Florida. They have a really cosy place and yet it can go for the casual thing. You are in for a great selection of tea if you happen to pick this place to eat your sushi.

Sushi House

This restaurant can be found in Utah around American Fork area. It offers tempura, sashimi and sushi and you get to relax in the settings of the place. One of the best thing about this restaurant is the eat all you can promo and you get a casual ambiance and a quiet mood.

sushi places near me

ICHI Sushi

For a joint that serves sushi together with wine, beer or sake, this is truly one of the best out there. In San Francisco, California, it awaits you, although the place usually serves food that you need to wait for. At least they have healthy options, you have to rate them for that, nevertheless.

The Cowfish Sushi

Are you up for some burger, gourmet style, sushi and beer? If so, you have to go to this place that is truly colorful and vibrant. They have a great wine and cocktails but the place usually have a long waiting time, if you are up for that, you should definitely not let the opportunity pass you by.

Tiger Sushi

In Bloomington, there is a sushi bar that have healthy options and vegetarian options so if you want to eat sushi with your vegan friends, you need to go here to try it out.

Koi Sushi Bar

If you are up for some creative sushi rolls and other entrees like steak, this is your place to be. In Utah, specifically in American Fork, you will find a restaurant that is quiet yet cosy and has the best tea selection. Go here and enjoy it for what it is.

Karma Sushi

Another place that offers sushi together with grilled foods and you get happy hours all day during Sundays! You can find it in Flagstaff in Arizona. They have great desserts that will make your mouth water and have a great beer collection together with their colorful cocktails that will entertain you for sure.

Nikko and Hibachi

If you are into teppanyaki together with your sushi rolls, you might want to go to this place that has a full bar! They also have vegan options and the place is actually quite nice and they serve amazing cocktails! Catch them at Reston in Virginia.

Sushi USA

In Chatsworth, California, there is a sushi bar that has casual ambiance and you can get your food for takeout. They also have healthy options and their opening hours is just perfect for lunch breaks at half past eleven in the morning.

Sushi Nakazawa

High end omakase is in the spot light for this restaurant that serves sushi. The place is always full of people so you may have to wait for some time before your food arrives but it is worth it for it is delicious. They have a great wine list and the cocktails are great as well. Truly, perfect for all your sushi needs.


Whatever POC stands for, they have a buffet full of crab legs, sushi and they have great dessert. You can eat all you can and the place is casual so you might as well just enjoy your visit to the fullest. This place is perfect for reunions, get together or your dates.

Seadog Sushi Bar

For a date, this one is the perfect sushi bar with its romantic ambiance and all that. This spot is full of modern taste with sashimi, sushi and maki and other dishes waiting to be discovered. You can visit it in Chicago, Illinois for the experience.

sushi buffet near me


When you are in Las Vegas, Nevada, this place that offers flavors from different places such as Peru, Brazil and Japan together with its club-like settings would be perfect for you! You might have to suffer for a bit of waiting time because the food is not serve as fast as you like but they have great cocktails and wine list that will keep you interested so you might as well try it out here and have a taste you have never had before.

Jackson’s Bistro

If you are into the night life and private rooms but would still like to keep it cool with a patio, a waterfront and sushi, then this is the exact place that is perfect for you! They have live music for entertainment and they have great cocktails and a great wine list that would really soothe your lonely spirit and make you happy and feel alive


For the theatrical feels, you might want to go for this restaurant that serves Japanese dishes. They are totally in the zone and it will make you feel as if you are in the theater with its theatrical chefs waiting to entertain you. The food usually takes time to arrive but the wine and the cocktails are spectacular.

Steak and Main

Go for the seafood menu of this restaurant and their proud sushi bar as they offer an upscale eatery that is worth your money. They have a lot of casual options to choose from and they have happy hours with great wine and cocktails, what more can you ask for?

Farmers Fishers

Farm inspired is what this place is with their sushi, their river views and their cocktails. Go to Washington DC and go try this place out for a fresh outlook on sushi.

Art Burger

The site is great as it offers burgers made from grass fed cows and they have creative sushi. The place is also filled with liquid nitrogen and they offer beach views. They have great beer, wines and cocktails that will be perfect for you. Go visit them at Myrtle beach.

Sushi bars near me

Top 5 Sushi bars near me


For a modern Japanese style of eatery, you might want to go to Honshu. They serve noodles and sushi that are simply amazing and delicious. The place is usually a wait but the wine list and cocktails make up for that. You will find them in Jersey City in New Jersey.

Kokyo Sushi Buffet

If you are up for an outdoor deck and eat all you can sushi, this is the place to go. Just go to Hayward, California and take a great look at this Japanese restaurant.

Koiso Sushi

They have specialty rolls of sushi, some sashimi dishes and other Japanese food in that space they have in a strip mall. It will be great to eat here because they accept reservations and the place is casual but really cosy. The place opens at six in the evening so it is perfect for a dinner date or dinner hangout with friends.

Sansei seafood restaurant

Karaoke bar is quite popular in Japan and so is it in America. In this restaurant filled with colorful space, they have weekend karaoke and their dishes are really festive and serve in colorful and inventive way.

Shizen and Izakaya Vegan

IF you are into faux sushi or vegan options like meatless ramen and all that wood designs, then you must go here in San Francisco, California to try out this food and tell your story. The place is really cosy and they have a great selection of tea, perfect for tea lovers.

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