Shopping malls near me

Shopping malls are certainly very convenient for people because they have everything that you need from clothes to food, to home appliances and everything else. If you are wondering where can I find Shopping malls near me in occasions when in need to buy something, then going to a nearest shopping mall to go grab it would be great. Here are some information in the shopping malls near you including opening hours.

Every shopping mall has something special to offer so make sure you pay them a visit.

Shopping malls near me – How to find them?

If you are looking for closest shopping malls near your location then you are the right place. To find Shopping malls nearest your location, simply use the map provided below.

Please note to have GPS location enabled in order for map to function properly,if you are using your mobile device.

Outlet mall near me

Outlet malls started to pop out around 1930 in the US. Factories would ship out their excess products or their damaged ones to an outlet store and sell it on a price that is way cheaper so the love for this kind of mall eventually risen up. Here are some of the possible locations of outlet malls that might be near you.

Woodbury Commons

This outlet mall is located at New York, around Central Valley. They offer a huge selection as they have around 220 outlet stores within them. You will even find some designer brands on the premium side and they sell things at a lower price than normal. They have Dior, Burberry, Gucci, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren and so much more. The store is mostly crowded with New Yorkers from far away that goes there just to visit it because of the cheap price tags over those retail stores located outside of New York City. It is also very easy to commute to the outlet mall as a bus run straight towards the place.

For a shopping tip, it is great to join the VIP shopper club before visiting so that you can get a whole load of savings and coupons to use for your shopping!

Las Vegas Premium

Las Vegas is known for a lot of things such as gambling, drinking, shows and all of the people that go there head to the great designer stores that can be found there but one of the best way to enjoy the place would be to go to Las Vegas Premium which has more than 150 outlets such as Calvin Klein, True Religion, Nautica, Ann Taylor, Coach, Kenneth Cole and so much more. If you are staying at the hotel of Las Vegas, then you can opt to ride a shuttle back and forth from the outlet but if not, then you can just go and take the cab to enjoy the great outdoor setting of the place. If you are going to book tickets to the place, you may want to go at a time that has a lot of sales and discounts which you can go online and check out.

A shopping tip is to wear comfortable clothes and those that are a bit baggy and you should bring some water because that is one way of making the heat lose to you and it is especially really hot in Las Vegas.

Lodi Station

If you happen to go for a vacation or maybe visit your friends and family and they are in Ohio by any chance, then you should not miss out that chance to visit Lodi Station that has more or less 60 outlet stores that have brands such as Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Bath and Body, Aeropostale, Polo Ralph Lauren, Vanity Fair and so much more. The advantage of this mall is that it has more to offer than just simple shopping, it also goes and offer interactive things such as trampolines, fountains, theatres that show 3D films and such. You can even plan to have a birthday party at the place. If you are up for some bargain and entertainment then this is one of the best places you can certainly go to with your family!

A shopping tip would be to register to be a preferred member online before shopping so you can get a lot of discounts.

Shopping malls near me

Top 20 shopping malls near me

Here are the top 20 shopping malls that might be near you so you can go check them out.

Mall of America

This one is certainly the biggest mall in the entire America. You can find the mall at Bloomington, Minnesota. Annually, the place gets visited by around forty two million people which is almost ten times the exact population of the place it is in.

Mall of America near me

Plaza Las Americas

In Puerto Rico, there is also a mall that can be found in San Juan, it was founded in 1968 which is also quite old but the place is really amazing.

South Shore

South Shore can be found in Massachusetts, just go to Braintree and there you will see the plaza with your very eyes to please you and make you feel like you have never felt before.

King of Prussia Mall

Another one of the biggest malls in America, the King of Prussia Mall can be found at Pennsylvania in Montgomery. This mall contains more than four hundred stores that offers luxury brands that is totally for the rich people but also for those middle class ones.

shopping malls near me


If you happen to be in New York, then you might as well go to Destiny which can be found in Syracuse. It was opened at around 1990 and is totally a great stop if you want to try shopping for something nice.

Ala Moana

If you are on vacation at Hawaii, then go to Honolulu where you will find Ala Moana Center, a mall that will entice you with its ambiance and give you that Hawaiian vibes that will surely set you to be happy.

South west Plaza

This plaza which is also known as South coast is located in Colorado, at Jefferson to be specific, it is also quite big enough to be able to house around one hundred fifty stores and is visited by more than twenty million people every year.

Del Amo Fashion Center

This mall makes it to the list of the biggest malls in America. It is located in California, around Torrance and it houses more than two hundred retail stores.


Obvious by its name, the Aventura Mall is located around Aventura which is in Florida. It is the biggest mall in the entire Florida. It houses far more than three hundred stores all of where around eighteen is occupied by food stalls.

Westfield Garden

There is also a mall in New Jersey if you happen to be in Paramus, you can go to it and just chill it out and relax for a while. It was built in 1957 but the times has it already modernized for your pleasure.

Lakewood Center

As is said on its name, this mall is located in Lakewood which is in California, it is even older than Westfield having been built on 1951 but the mall is quite amazing once you see it.

shopping outlet malls near me

The Galleria

When in Texas, you must not miss this mall, just go straight to Houston and visit the Galleria which will truly make you feel that shopping is not just something to pass time by but actually something that is worth your while.

Sawgrass Mills

In Florida, in a place called the Sunrise, you will find Sawgrass Mills, a mall that will make you feel like malls are not just the place to go but actually the place to be, this mall will be one of the ones you should place on your list.

Roosevelt Filed

In New York, in the Garden City, one of the malls that brings shopping to another level is Roosevelt field, you might as well try this mall out and see the difference it can make in your life.

Indoor shopping mall near me

Here is the list of some best indoor shopping mall near me for you to choose in USA. Happy shopping.

Woodfield mall

If you ever go to Schaumburg, Illinois, then you might as well drop by this mall to enjoy the place and have the time of your life. Go bring your friends and family and expect a shopping experience that will have a mark on your life.

indoor shopping mall near me

Scottsdale Fashion

This square will be found in Arizona, at a place called Scottsdale, which is from where it got its name, it is quite fashionable as the name says and it will sooth your fashion spirit and raise it up.

Oakbrook center

Another mall in Illinois is found in Oak brook and this is one of the malls that you should definitely go to if you want to see what shopping for something really is like.

Palisades Center

Another mall that make it to the list is located in New York around West Nyack that will give you one of the best time of your life, try this one out if you must.

Millcreek Mall

In Erie, around Pennsylvania, you will find a mall named Millcreek Mall that will let you see shopping in another view.

Tysons Corner

If you are near Virginia, you can go to McLean to visit this mall named Tysons Corner, it is quite old but will definitely be worth your time. Try this one out and bring your buddies with you to see for yourself what it offers.

Hotels near mall of America

On the side, there are also a lot of malls in America and one of the biggest is the Mall of America. If you want to go there and stay for the night, then you might want to book a hotel for that, so here are some of the hotels that are near the mall of America.

  • If you are up for a 4 starred hotel that offers free breakfast and wifi and has airy studios, offers gym, barbeque area and sports an indoor pool, then this is your place to be. Towne Place Suits Minneapolis is the perfect place for you.
  • Hotels near mall

  • Another hotel to go to would be the 3 star hotel, Courtyard Bloomington which has free Wifi, have an American restaurant and also sports an indoor pool that will help you relax a bit and loosen up.
  • Radisson Blu is another four star hotel than offers free Wifi and it has rooms that are chic and very nice to look at. They also have an indoor pool, a great eatery and you can rent their event space for your needs.
  • Homewood Suites would make your stay worthwhile as they have fully equipped wares and free breakfast, together with free Wifi, and free shuttle service to go anywhere near that you might want to go and visit.
  • Fairfield Inn and Suites would make you feel relaxed as it is a casual hotel and they offer free breakfast, a gym, some freebies like the shuttle ride, and have an indoor pool just as well as the other hotel have.
  • Hilton Minneapolis of St. Paul Airport, may be 3 star but it can offer you a lot of things such as free Wi-Fi, free shuttle to the airport or the mall, grill, pool, an atrium, an event space for your event needs and even a fitness center.
  • If you are looking for a hotel that offers Italian food then go to Best Western Plus as it offers just that with an Italian restaurant in it and it even has two indoor pools, offers free breakfast, free wifi and the place is pretty upscaled for your modern wants.
  • If you are addicted to getting fit then the Crowne Plaze Air MSP Airport Hotel is the place to be as it sports a fitness room that is open for 24 hours, indoor pool, free shuttle and free WiFi at that and it also features free shuttle around the area.

Top 5 google play and apple apps for shopping malls near me

For your shopping needs, here are some of the best apps that you can try out for the shopping malls near you.

Mall of America App

How about that? Hold those millions of sq. ft. on your hand by using this application that will let you browse everything the biggest mall has to offer! You can go and make an organized trip in this mall with this app too!

King of Prussia Mall App

The mall is truly the best go to if you seek shopping and entertainment and now you can have it all in your pocket. No need to get lost in the big mall because the app will give you direction and guide you through your whole trip.

Aventura Mall App

In Florida, there is Aventura mall that is really famous in the place. If you feel like travelling and you are afraid of getting lost in the sea of people, then plan ahead with this app and let it guide you.

Destiny Mall App

This one is for those fashionista at heart who wants to go and set up a plan for family outings and such. If you want to go grab some snack or check your options for dinner, then go for it by using this app.


Every mall that Simon Company owns can be checked out using this shop so this must be one of the best app there is for checking shopping malls near you so go ahead and try it out.

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