So what is a QT and how do I find QT near me? By its full name, it is referred to as Quick Trip. This is a private company under the retail (chains of convenience stores and fast food) industry that was formed in September 1958, at Tulsa Oklahoma where it serves as the headquarters. The Founders of QT are Burt Holmes and Chester Cadieux. QT serves nine hundred and fifty-three locations that are inclusive of, Southern, Midwestern and Southeastern U.S. In the initial stages, QT was selling specific groceries and as it grew, the founders decided to away with the merchandise that was not moving fast enough and bring in those that will sell at a fast rate, in large quantities, and at low prices. This helped boost the sales and consequently the income that later saw the company expand and keep expanding.



QT near me now – Use the Map

When looking for a answer hot find QT near me then you will be suprised how it is easy to find . By using this interactive map below provided you can simply by selecting desired QT location get more detailed information and instructions how to reach it.


We are using Google Maps as they have proven to work best on discovering QT and other locations based on settings of your IP address. So please make sure when using a mobile device to have enbled GPS location on it.


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QT near me Menu

Other than the convenient stores and the fast food sold at QT they also provide fueling services as there are also fuel stations present and they marketed their fuel as a high quality fuel. They together with Chevron were named by “Top Tier” by Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Honda and general Motors. Being given the best ratings by the above-mentioned companies it places them ahead of their competitors as that rating surpasses the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s gasoline additives standards. Gift cards are also available for the above services offered and their use is to ensure that customers have an easier time at QT. To reload the gift cards, you can visit the nearest QT store and do it so that you can keep enjoying the services offered.

The QT Kitchens offer ‘made fresh to order’ services for their meals so that the consumer is able to enjoy fresh food and not one that was made a while ago. Their menu includes:
● Breakfast bowls whereby one gets to choose the combination of the food products they want to have for breakfast.
● Breakfast burritos and the ingredients used to make the burritos can be self-selected or the chef can suggest it to you.
● Extra large pizza that is made as you wait and you can choose the toppings you want. You can choose from bacon, pepperoni, black olives, sausage, green peppers,fresh mushrooms and onions. The pizza is then sliced into twelve parts so you can eat to your satisfaction.
● Toasted croissant sandwiches and the ingredients you can choose from including bacon, sausage, ham, turkey or BLT. Regardless the choice, they are all served with a croissant bun that has been toasted lightly together with some cheese.

● Toasted sandwiches that will appeal to your taste buds.
● Soft pretzels that come in a vast number of flavors where you can choose from. It is served with cheese, marinara or icing.
● Flatbreads that are made using flavor rich meat, cheese that has been melted and an exquisite sauce.
Over the years QT has had their own private labeled brands of fast food (‘Quick ‘n tasty” and “HOTZI” sandwiches) and even drinks especially beer but the beers were phased out as many other things were incorporated that saw the popularity of the company shoot to greater heights. They became the first convenient store to offer soda fountain and coffee bar that were self-service and this gave their customers more freedom making them feel more relaxed and more involved in what they are going to consume in that they will know the right measures they want their beverages to be in.


There are numerous people who are hooked on the services offered at QT as well as their finely made fine food. You may have moved to a new place and you want to keep enjoying what they have or you may have heard about it and you want to try it, either way, you may need help locating QT stores. One of the easiest ways is to ask your friends, neighbors or even family for directions. Some of them may be acquainted with the stores and therefore can give your finer details that you may require. In the event that you are not comfortable with this, you can explore other options like;

Using google maps: this is an application that can easily help you locate anything under the sun and considering the fact that QT is a greatly known company, it is listed in google maps including their various locations. All you need is to enter the required details like the name of the store and the location you are in and click the search button; wait for it to narrow down the search and give you a clear visual of the place you are looking for. The direction to follow will also be provided as google maps can also indicate the roads, lanes, and streets. All that will be left is for you to follow its lead and you will end up at the nearest QT store.



You can also use their store locator: one can visit their website where they will find the store locator that will enable them to search for QT stores near them by their city or zip code and the desired radius. You will be sure to find what you are looking for because the greatest place to search for the information you want is through the company’s website.
Using independent websites: there are a number of websites that can help one with their search for QT stores other than the QT website, for example, www.hoursinfo.com , this is an independent website that has a listing for all the QT stores by States and even finer details like their operation hours. All you have to do is choose the State you are in, a page containing the different cities in that state will be displayed. Click on the city that you are in and another page will be launched containing the address and the phone number of the nearest QT. It is that simple. Another website that works pretty much the same way is www.hours-location.com . You can try these independent websites and see how it goes but one this is for sure; they will be of great help to you.

Use the QT mobile application: technology keeps stretching its course and businesses are taking up the opportunities to join the digital world in order to keep up with the shifty trends of the world. QT is one of the companies that cannot afford to lag behind. With the development of the application, it has been easier for their potential clients to keep up with them. The application can be downloaded to one’s mobile phone by using google play store for android phones and App store for Apple users. The application is useful in the following ways;
● Helps an individual keep up with the latest prices of fuel at QT; remember, fuel prices keep fluctuating and every fueling station will have to adjust depending on the market trends and the currency fluctuations.
● Helps one to keep track of the different special offers at QT so that they can partake of it and also the available coupons. It does not hurt to take advantage of these offers once in awhile so that you can get the best experiences at QT.
● Has a store locator that can help you in the search for the nearest QT store near you.
● Brings you to speed about the QT kitchens menu available every day. This is quite fascinating as you can always be aware of what the day has in store for you at QT so that by the time you reach there you already know what you want.



Quick Trip operates seven hundred and thirty stores around the United States and in terms of where to find them; one will need knowledge of the States that they operate in. The various locations where you can find a Quick Trip store are in:
● Arizona: Tucson metro where there are 20 stores.
● Iowa: where there are 24 stores in Des Moines metro.
● Nebraska/Iowa: Omaha where there are 11 stores.
● Georgia: Atlanta where there are 130 stores.
● Missouri/Kansas: where there are 84 stores in Kansas City metro.
● Kansas: Wichita metro where there are 38 stores.
● South and North Carolina: where there are 36 stores in Charlotte metro.
● Arizona: Phoenix metro where there are 88 stores.
● Oklahoma: where there are 74 stores in Tulsa metro
● Missouri/Illinois: St. Louis metro where there are 71 stores.
● Texas: Fort Worth /Dallas metro where there are 128 stores.
● South Carolina: Greenville/Spartanburg metro where there are 30 stores.



In the every state that has QT stores, there are more than ten stores in number. In trying to get more details and get a closer location that is more favorable to you, you will have to dig deeper. In the State that you are in, there are different cities and these QT stores could be distributed throughout the cities. In the city that you are located in, finding the different stores location can be as easy as drinking a cold soda on a sunny day. By simply visiting their website which is www.quicktrip.com, you can get to use their location search box and enter your City or zip code as well as the radius you would wish the store to be within then finally clicks the search button. You will then have to wait for a few minutes for you to get the results.

QT near me


As stated earlier, while using the QT location search tool, you enter the desired radius. It is vital that you enter the radius because this will bring the most favorable outcome for you because as the list is displayed, they will contain the stores that fall within the specified radius, therefore, making your work easier. Stated earlier is the fact that there are a number of QT stores in a state and even the cities, it is not enough that they are there. Factors like how close they are for your convenience should also be considered because as much as they offer some of the best services, if it is going to strain you, then you may as well find the next best store that is close by. Lucky enough is the fact that the numerous number of stores available can ensure that at least one of the stores is close by and super convenient for distance and movement needs and desires.

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