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Looking for Pizza Near Me places, then look no further because you are the right place here at Pizza is delicious food originally coming from Italy so enjoy reading our article for finding best Pizza near you.

Pizza Near Me – Pizza Restaurants Near Me

Depending of where your current location is, you will be able to find best Pizza Restaurants here. If you are from USA, then there are a lot of pizza restaurants in the United States as pizza is one of the favorite snack, food, dinner, breakfast of American people. Looking for Pizza Restaurants or Pizza places then simply use the map to find Pizza restaurants or Pizza places near me and you.

Pizza Near Me – Term pizza

The term pizza, or the food pizza only became popular once the American soldiers that were stationed in Italy returned from World War II. On the late 20th century, the food, pizza, has become such an iconic food with increasing popularity. The slang words, slice and za also refers to the word pizza. There are basically two types of crust: thin and thick and they are both popular within America. Nowadays, there are tons of pizza variations that even cheeseburgers, chicken barbecue and the likes are used to create new types of pizza.


Pizza is practically the most popular item in the menu of fast food chains in the USA. This type of food is commonly eaten as hot, especially for dinner or lunch although it can also be eaten cold.

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Pizza near me – Different pizza variations

After knowing the different types of cheese that are used in making pizza, it is also important to be introduced to some pizza variations that are mostly popular in the industry. Here are some of the most common pizza variations in the US.

Bar pizza

This is also named tavern pizza and is characterized by an almost cracker thin like crust when cooked. It is mostly partly cooked using a shallow pan in order to produce an oily crust. The cheese tends to cover everything in the pizza especially its crust so it leaves the edge crispy. This type of pizza is usually served in a pub, bar or a pizza restaurant. It is also commonly around 10 inches in diameter, a small size for a pizza. This is quite popular around Boston, northeast part of America and Chicago.

California Style pizza

This pizza is characterized because of the use of the ingredients that are very non-traditional such as some fresh produce. Most of the toppings of this type of pizza are chicken mixed in peanut sauce, pizza tacos, chicken, barbeque sauce, bean sprouts and the likes.

Chicago style pizza

Another location specific pizza is the Chicago style pizza that is characterized by the use of thick crust that forms up until the sides of the pan that is pretty much deep. The last ingredient of this utilizes the sauce, cheese and toppings. There are even stuffed versions of this available that have two layers of the crust. This type of pizza also includes small square cut pizzas that are usually in thin crust.

Detroit style pizza

This is characterized by its square shaped that is pretty similar to the Sicilian style pizza that is also thick deep dish pizza that has toppings like olives and pepperoni. It is also served with sauce on top. The shape is due to the tradition of the use of metal trays to hold small parts of food in factory cafeterias.

Hawaiian pizza

This type of pizza mostly consists of ham, bacon and pineapple topped with cheese, usually mozzarella. This is quite popular in the western part of the United States.

New York Style Pizza

Originated and styled in New York City by immigrants that came from Naples in Italy, the New York style pizza was created. It is usually sold in a generous sized that is thin and commonly flexible. The dough is hand tossed and it is topped with Marinara sauce that is Italian styled. It is essentially covered with cheese. It is commonly eaten by folding it in half or many folds. This type of pizza dominates the northeastern part of the US and is pretty popular in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York.

Sicilian pizza

This type of pizza is practically a square pie that has a thick crust. Its crust is a variety of thick crusts from Sicily in Italy and was introduced to the US by immigrants from Sicily. This type of pizza is pretty popular in Detroit, Oregon, Portland and the likes.

St. Louis style pizza

This is another pizza variety that has a thin crust and popular in St. Louis and the southern part of Illinois. It is characterized by its used of Provel cheese instead of using the most common Mozzarella cheese. The crust is thin enough that it is crunchy and most of the toppings are sliced instead of the common diced ones. It is usually served in small squares.

5 most popular pizza restaurants in the US

After knowing the basic stuff about pizzas such as its history, types of cheese and variety of pizzas, it is now time to know what restaurants in the US serve the most popular pizzas there are. What pizza restaurants should you look out for? Here are some of them.

Area four

Found in Cambridge, Area four is a pretty popular pizza restaurant. You can practically use the restaurant for coffee breaks, breakfast, drinking place, lunch, and even dinner. The best thing about the pizza is that it is practically simple. Containing a 12 year old starter, salt, water, flour, no sugar or oil, 3 days of fermentation, handcrafted cheese and wood fire oven and you have the perfect recipe for a pizza. So go with your friends and try this awesome pizza out!

Address: 500 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139
Opening Hours: 11AM–10PM
Phone:(617) 758-4444

Al Forno

This is another pizza restaurant that is quite good. Al Forno is found in Providence and they served grilled margarita pizzas! Talk about awesome! The folks at the restaurant have been making these grilled pizzas for a long time of 30 years! If you know how it started as an appetizer before your entrée comes, it is crazy how it turned into one of the best sellers of this restaurant up to the point that they specialized in it! This pizza is so fantastic that you would be brought to the other world and would start trying out some grilled pizza at home only to see that it seems to fail with no avail. So do not bother that grill and just come here!

Antico Pizzeria Napoletana

This Neapolitan pizza joint is found in Atlanta and it is quite novel to a point. It is practically like introducing a Little Italy on a neighborhood. Giovanni Di Palma started this empire around six years ago and still Antico delivers thin pies that are crispy and topped with simple ingredients. If you want to explore more, you should try their café gelato and their other pizzas just as well.

Coals Artisan Pizza

Found in Louisville, Coals Artisan Pizza delivered their first coal-fired pizza to Kentucky as of when they opened in 2011. Although this may seem as passable news to most people, you should definitely try their pies in here. Their oven that goes up to 900 degree turns high moisture dough into crispy, thick, charred bases for pizzas that are truly delicious. There are tons of choices to try out like the best seller: the Waverly which has sweet jam, prosciutto and Gorgonzola plus the use of both Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese. Truly a spectacle to try out! So ask your friends to go here and just enjoy the nice ambiance and the lovely food.

Double Mountain

This pizza restaurant is found in Hood River, Oregon. If you are into simple, homey, pizzas that would make you miss home and just keep on crying your heart out, then this pizza house is right for you. They fire up new haven style pies that are truly on par with every other pizza out there. They have specialty pies that are made of house made rolls, homemade sausages, mushroom onions and the likes. They will taste salty, then spicy, then sweet and more, as if you are actually eating tons of flavors in one pizza. You can try it best with Oregon’s best beer. This place is definitely worth the long hour drive to get through. So if you are looking for the best pizza place that you might think might suit you, then this is definitely a must go.

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Common types of Cheese used on Pizza

There are tons of toppings for pizza but the most common one is cheese. There are also so many types of cheese that are popularly used by pizzerias in the USA. Here are some of the most popular cheese that are used.
Low moisture mozzarella
Almost 9 out of 10 pizza restaurants use this type of cheese and it is usually used by itself and not mixed with other cheeses. It is usually labelled as part skim or whole milk.
This is the second popular cheese after mozzarella. Mot US pizzerias mix this cheese with low moisture mozzarella. This is not the type of cheese that is to be used on its own. It is also declared as popular in both East and West parts of America.
Another cheese that is quite popular among pizza makers is cheddar cheese which is popularly mixed with mozzarella to preserve its chewiness. It is said to be popular in the Eastern and Southern part of America.
The best thing about this cheese is that it is hard, and well-aged and is available in different moisture relativity. They are usually not obtained in the pre process form because they are dehydrated and granular and do not mix well. Thus, there are machines available to process the block form of this cheese and it usually has a sharp flavor.
Just like Parmesan cheese, Romano cheese is also well-aged and hard even though it is a commonly used cheese for pizzas. This cheese actually comes from ewes’ milk but US made cheese of this type are cow’s milk that has enzymes to produce sharper flavors than the Italian made cheese of this type.
Another cheese that is commonly used in pizzas that are white and the insides of calzones are called ricotta cheese. These can be used to substitute for tomato sauce. It is usually covered up using another cheese that can melt better during the baking process so that the ricotta cheese is held in its place when consumed.

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