Part Time Jobs Near Me

A part time contact means that you carry fewer hours than a full-time employee. This means that you will work within a shift and that the shift is often rotational. Three out of five students in the country work a part time job to have some extra cash to buy what they want. This also gives students a taste of earning money on their own so that they have more independence to their account. It is also positive to do this as it helps some student to pay up for their student loans and help them in studying and finishing their degree with less hassle.


Top 5 part time jobs in the US

There are 5 common part time jobs that the students in the United States does in order to ease the financial burden in paying for their schooling, tuition, lab supplies, books, college and a whole lot more such as food, transportation, housing and such. This is because not every student is smart enough to get a scholarship or a loan to support his or her education that they resort to entering part time jobs.

One of the part time jobs that are the most common is hospitality jobs. These jobs include working at resorts or lodges or hotels. Skills regarding being hospitable and serving the customers is important in this line of job. Sometimes, they also offer housekeeping and maintenance job should you qualify for the requirements that they seek though mostly jobs as previously mentioned are reserved for full-timers. Another of the top part time jobs is food service where part timers are meant to be part of the kitchen staff, a dishwasher or help in the preparation of food or those that busses tables, such as the waiter or the server. It also relates to bartenders and servers and those who take orders from the customers. This is one of the most common part time because the shifting hours here is totally flexible so the students can put their shift before they go to school or after they go to school depending on the schedule that they have for the day. If you are a student looking for a part time job, this one is certainly something to consider.

The third spot in most common part time jobs is employment inside the campus where most students also prefer. No need to go outside of the university to get a job because you can actually work within it. Maybe you can put some hours in the library helping the librarian in returning books to their rightful place in the shelf or maybe you can work in the cafeteria, serving food or being like one of those lunch ladies in the hall. You can also work within the offices within the university or work as a teacher assistant to gather hours and get some pay out of it. The great thing about this is that it works in flexible hours and there are specific jobs that are very student friendly too.

Another of the top part time jobs in the US is tutoring. If you are good at a certain subject, you can help other people to learn about it as well. This type of part time jobs are very great especially if you are fluent in languages besides English so you can communicate with foreigners trying to learn how to speak English. This will surely give you a great source of income especially if you already have some experience regarding this so you know the right rates to charge your students with. Math is also a great thing to teach as a lot of students have a hard time understanding it, if your classmates need your help you can offer them tutoring service that will surely be budget friendly and beneficial for them as well.

The last one on the list of the top part time jobs is the entertainment venues where one can go work in a theater, in music places sports facilities as a ticket seller, or help in guiding guests to their seats or maybe sell food before the movies such as popcorn and hotdogs with soft drinks. You can definitely put something in your pocket after this to help with the fees that you need to pay at the university or to add up to that savings account for your college life in that as well.

5 ways to find part time jobs in the US

Part time jobs are very important especially if you are juggling between some in order to satisfy your goal salary by then. Here are some of the ways that you can find part time jobs more easily. The first way to easily find part time jobs is to call your guidance center if it is possible to take some time from your vacancy to inform you about any vacancies in the university or if there are vacancies in some of the local businesses around your town.

Another easy way to look for part time jobs is to look into the local newspaper and see if there are any job offerings there that is being posted up as an advertisement. Or you can also look at some magazines or maybe some websites that are based in your town. It is very important to look for information regarding any vacancies so you can easily grab on the opportunity to do so.

The third way to easily find part time jobs is to find a large institution because it means that it has a large number of departments and the chance of having a temporary job internally would definitely be great to consider. The higher number of departments there is, the higher the probability of getting a job there.

Another way to find part time jobs is to visit popular sites like Craiglist, College grad, Simply Hired and a whole lot more that is easily searched in google. You can look for ads on this site, maybe sign up, upload a resume and a cover letter, find ways to connect with possible clients and just have a grand time finding a job without having to step outside of your house. Popular sites usually have a higher chance of getting you the job that you need because more clients are aware of them and more employers trust them to find good employees.

Another way to find part time jobs would be to connect to your social media accounts and let employers find you through them. One advantage of this is you can build your popularity through them and let yourself be more known so that the employers will search for you themselves instead of the other way around.


Part time jobs that you can do from your home

There are some part time jobs that you can actually do from your house and still earn legitimate money through them, all you need to do is find the right employer and the right website and you are good to go.

The first one on the list of part time jobs is being a teacher because most international kids want a tutor that can work with them online, those that is just one video chat away. With the advancement in technology nowadays, it is totally possible to do that and earn money that way through a lot of websites that offers services like that. If you are good at a certain subject you can try this out as a part time job and once you learn the ropes around this, you can actually turn it into a fulltime job in the near future considering your options of course.

Another one on the list is of part time jobs from home is to be a virtual assistant where you can manage emails, manage social media account posts, manage the schedule of your client and a whole lot more. The client will ask you to do simple things that takes a lot of patience and time and then you will get your per hour rate and you can start from there on taking on jobs like this. If it is your first time trying for this job, some clients will actually show you how it works and guide you and help you to become competent for the job at a slightly lower rate than the normal rate.
There is also another on the list of part time jobs you can do at home and one of them is being a transcriptionist that is tasked to listen to audio contents or videos and transcribe the things into a document or a pdf. You might be asked to listen to 3 minutes audios to hours of videos and transcribe them as ease, as you have heard them, provide accuracy or you can be asked to correct the grammar of the sentences and such. This is very useful for criminal investigations, law enforcement affairs and such and the rate is quite high once you get the hang of it.

The great thing about working at home is that you get to work at the ease of your own house without having to spend money extra on fare and you get to eat or pause whenever you want as well. You might want to consider that for a part time job, this is as flexible as it can get. You get to spend some time studying or with your family and also work and earn money that you can spend for your school needs or for your wants.
Part time jobs are popular because of their flexibility and with all things considered, working from home is a total advantage especially for students who want to multi task in studying and working. There are also a lot of choices regarding this type of work and it is most commonly known as freelancing where the job seeker can offer their services online and just wait for the right client to find them and ask about their services. You can definitely put it up online if you are a graphic designer or if you are a freelance writer and a whole lot more. There are more possibilities in part time jobs than it did before.

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