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Looking to get that body fit or to keep it fit? Looking for a answer how to find Gyms near me now? Then you have come to the right place. For those who loves to work out and keep their body fat ratio in the right amount or those who wants to be healthy and maybe get some abs out of exercising, here are some of the gyms that might help you achieve the body that you desire and that might happen to be near you as well so you get a win-win situation in terms of fitness and effort.

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Gyms near me

Top 10 Gyms & Fitness Studios

Here is the list of some of the best Gyms and Fitness Studios that man or a woman can use to get their body in shape. Remember when your body is fit so will your spirit will be.

World Gym

This gym is located in St. Augustine in Florida where you can go to have your daily training exercises to improve your health and the way your body looks as well. If you happen to be near the place, then this one is definitely going to rock your world as it is open for the whole day, as in for the whole twenty four hours of the day. Should you have any concerns and complaints,
issues or comments on their facilities or their trainers, you can call them up at: + 1 904 829 3443.

Gold’s Gym

In Tennessee specifically in Lenoir City, one of the major gyms to go and exercise would be Gold’s Gym where they have the specific facilities that you need to lose your fat and go more into lean muscles and be healthier in no time. You can ask their trainers in guiding you to find out what exercises you need to get what you look you want to achieve on specific parts of your body. They are only open until ten in the evening so you should make the most out of your time. You can contact them at + 1 865 988 0036 should you have any inquiries about their services.

Power house gym

In Hamilton Township in New Jersey, one of the best gyms they have to offer would be Power house gym which will definitely help you get in shape and stay in shape as long as you need. You can also get a personal trainer to help you and guide you on your goal to stay fit and healthy. They close at ten in the evening but you can always call them up at + 1 609 585 4967 for any questions that you might have prior to going there or after you get home after exercise.

USA Fitness Supercenter

Sylmar in California has a gym to offer you as well with its USA Fitness Supercenter waiting just around the corner to help you achieve the body shape you truly desire. You can call them up at + 1 818 336 6322 to set reservations or to ask their rate per hour. You can also ask to have a trainer of your own so it would be easier to lose the weight that you want and to focus on the things that you want to achieve. Setting a goal is easier when you have someone to supervise you in the work that you are doing, after all, so you might as well get a personal trainer for that.

Gold’s Gym

There is also a branch of Gold’s gym in San Antonio in Texas should you happen to be there for pleasure or for work, either way, you can have access to your favorite gym which is definitely an advantage especially if you are a member of the gym. They close at ten in the evening so it would be great to maximize the time you are allowed to work out. Another advantage of being a member is that your records can be passed from one location to another so you can continue working out to achieve your desired goal without having to sacrifice even a single day, especially if you are going on a vacation. You can also call this branch by ringing them up at: + 1 210 490 8777 so you can ask anything regarding transfer of records and membership

Gold’s Gym

As it is one of the most famous gyms in the United States, there are a lot of branches of Gold’s Gym in it. You can go to Clayton in North Carolina and still continue on exercising to your heart’s content. The best thing about this branch is that they are open for the whole twenty hours of the day and so you can make it a point to insert gym in your schedule. You can also call them at + 1 919 359 1300 to check if there is no whole gym reservation that is happening the day and hour you plan to work out so you do not waste your time going there.

Nitro flex gym

This gym in Chester in New Jersey is one of the must go to gyms of the state. You might want to try out their programs that will help you fit that old ripped jeans or maybe just be a whole lot fitter than before, overcome some of your lung disorders those that makes it hard to breathe when you work too much and more. They close at nine in the evening which is pretty early but you might as well try to make the most out of it especially if you happen to be near the area. You can also call them at + 1 908 879 1006 should you want to ask them about anything at all.


Lifters Gym

The name of this gym definitely sounds nice, as if encouraging you to go lift some weight in order to live a healthier and more fun life. So you might as well do just that. You can visit the gym at Albemarle in North Carolina for more details regarding their programs and gym packages or you can just contact them at: + 1 704 983 5437 for your inquiries and comments about their services and their facilities. They will surely make it a point not to disappoint you so might as well try this one out and just go have some fun for the day.

Family Fitness Center

This gym in New Port Richey in Florida is totally family friendly, where you can just go there and have some family exercise and extend the fun of being fit to your friends and the ones you love. You can go sign membership so that you can save money especially when you bring a lot of people. For more details on that note, you can just call them at + 1 727 323 2953 and ask your questions and inquiries to them. No worries because all are customer friendly in there.

Gold’s Gym

Wherever you may be, there will be Gold’s gym in your area as they also have a branch in Phillipsburg in New Jersey, if you happen to be there for the holidays, a trip or a vacation. You can find it in Phillipsburg mall where you can go shopping for the things you need and straight to the gym where you can work towards your goal and such things. If you have any more inquiries or concerns about them, you can just call them at + 1 908 454 2800 for further details.

Pure Performance

This gym will definitely give you one of the awesome moments of your life as it helps you to achieve the goal you desire, specifically that dream body you want to have. You just need to go to Hattiesburg in Mississippi or if you happen to live there, then even better. They close at ten in the evening so you need to maximize the hours you spend there and make the most out of it. You can even get your personal trainer so you would not have to spend so much time worrying about your progress and set up an online tracker so that you know how much you have moved on from where you were in the first place. You can contact them at + 1 601 450 4913 for more details regarding their programs and services offered.



What a perfect name indeed, to hear your bones crunching as you work out, as you finally hear your bones and not just the fluffy sound of your fats grinding each other. This gym will help you be in shape in no time with their coaches and trainers ready to guide you every step of your goal. You can find the gym in North Brunswick Town ship in New Jersey and they will surely help you to get to your desired weight and muscle fat ratio. You can also call them at + 1 732 839 0606 for more details on what program you should be in and whom you want to coach you.

Anytime Fitness

The name of this gym suits it the most as you can practically go for fitness anytime of the day because they are open for the whole day, the whole twenty four hours! Just drop by their place in Haines City Mall in Haines City in Florida and experience the thrill of having 24 hour gym access and having the capability to exercise whenever you feel like doing so. A personal coach might be great for you if it comes down to this so you might as well secure one form the gym. You can contact them regarding your problems and inquiries by dialing + 1 863 421 3481 for more details.

Life time Fitness

In San Antonio in Texas, you need not worry about keeping yourself fit because Lifetime Fitness gym has it all in for you. They are open for twenty four hours, perfect for those that are too busy with their lives that finding the time to go to the gym is barely impossible. This is definitely the solution for them: a gym that is open for the whole day. You can contact them at + 1 2100 545 500 for more details regarding their services and to secure a spot at the gym for the day because other people are most likely to take advantage of the 24 hour service that the gym offers as well.


Retro Fitness

Another gym that is quite well known in New Jersey is Retro Fitness gym which you can find in Iselin, specifically in the plaza at wood bridge. The facilities are quite nice and you can definitely use them for your fitness exercises so you would be healthy and strong. You can also call them up at + 1 732 305 2257 for more details regarding the gym.

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