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Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning fabrics or laundry in non-aqueous solvents that may or may not contain water. This is where cleaning is done using chemical substances other than water. This process is only applied to fabrics that are delicate and to an extent degrade when put in water.

Dry cleaning is simply a method of cleaning with the use of non-water-based solvents (a substance, especially a liquid, that can dissolve another substance) to remove soil, dirt, and stains from clothes of any fabric depending on the specifications of that very particular fabric. In every urban town, city or state and even largely a country, you are likely to find a dry cleaner or a couple of them.  Dry cleaners are always so needful in places where residents are almost always busy the whole week to even find time to wash or clean their own clothes, in some cases the opening or developing of dry cleaners is necessitated by the need of specialized cleaning of certain special fabrics that cannot be laundered well with hand washing lest the fabric is spoilt. The dry cleaning process is done or happens in a dry cleaners shop or sometimes referred to as a laundry shop.



Looking for a dry cleaner or laundry shop near me is also made needful by the fact that, doing laundry is not an easy task as it were and so in this case tracing a dry cleaner near me to do the job is very necessary. Dry cleaners to some extend help to save precious time that could have been used to do laundry and use it for other things too. On 3rd of March 1821, Thomas L. Jennings became the first African American to have a United States patent for his cleaning process that was called dry scouring then that was a precursor to dry cleaning. When dry cleaning began, there were always two machines in the dry cleaning shops; one to clean the clothes and another to do the drying of the cleaned clothes. Technology has so much grown that in today’s world or life, which the two processes are done at the same shop, then same dry cleaners shop.


How to Find Dry Cleaners near me now

In locating a dry cleaners shop or laundry shop nearby, you can easily or simply use a Google map which is accessible on your computer or even mobile device. Google map is capable or able to locate any location you are looking for as long as you have the specific names or places where the dry cleaners are located to search for. Google maps are simple and with a very user-friendly interface that will always make your experience in using it stress-free or devoid of much challenges.


There are also other websites that can help you find or locate the dry cleaners or laundry shop near you or close to you in and across the United States. For instance finditnearme.com; this is one of the websites that has clear information about dry cleaners around and it simplifies the work by saving time in that when clicked on, it brings to your screen the list of the dry cleaners around which makes it very easy for you to select. The information needed while using such specific websites like the above-mentioned is the name of your City, State or your zip code. Using either of this information can help the search making it simpler and more direct and detailed especially when using a zip code because this will narrow it down to an exact location within the environment that you are in.




As briefly mentioned or outlined above, the number of locations or dry cleaners in a particular state or town or city in the United States could, on one hand, be determined by the method used to search or better still the demand of the services offered by these dry cleaners or laundry shops. Apart from the use of Google maps and a few websites developed by the dry cleaners or laundry shops, some have gone to a level of creating applications or as well known, apps that when used as per the simple guidelines given, will bring to your attention the exact places these dry cleaners are located. Similar to an extend to the Google maps, the app only requires you to key in the name of your city or address and in a snap of a finger depending on the speed of the internet you are using to be able to have the listings or catalogue of the various locations on your computer or mobile gadget screen and all left for you is to choose the most nearest shop to where you are.

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Dry cleaners shops or laundry shops are well spread in the United States and in almost every state, town and city. Though with different brand names, dry cleaners shops can be found in the following states and towns or cities including others; Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, Miami, Houston, San Jose, Calera, Minneapolis, Cedar Hill, Orlando, Tennessee which among others are home to a dry cleaners shop by the name DRYCLEAN USA. This shop has grown to one of the recognizable largest, and most respectable in the dry cleaning industry, and apart from the few named above it has shops in over four hundred (400) locations around the United States, South America, the Caribbean, Latin America and Central America. They have one in a million kind of motto that is inspired by their well-spread shops in the United States;’ Clean around the World.’ As one interested in the services offered by DRYCLEAN USA, www.drycleanusa.com is a very handy website that will always give you updated information that will fast and easily direct and lead you to the nearest location of the dry cleaners shop.



In every city, state or town in the United States, you can always found a dry cleaners shop, it just depends on which side of the city or town you are exactly at, and to find a dry cleaners shop nearby, all that needs to happen is to narrow down the search further and get the exact location in relation to where you are now.  Using the same website, clicking on the city that you are in right now; this will open another page that will give you the exact address of the dry cleaners shop. Knowing the exact street or lane where the dry cleaner is will help you to locate it easily and also very fast.

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Most of the dry cleaners are open during the day, few offer their services during the night depending on the load of work probably available or the kind of order the client has placed, this henceforth will tend to suggest that in locating a dry cleaner nearest now, unless the service being sought after is urgent and necessary, you might only be comfortable finding a dry cleaners shop comfortably and easily during the day and not night. Apparently, if it is during the day, you can decide to literally walk around the city or town in search of the dry cleaners shops around, this will also serve as a kind of adventure at the same time and not forgetting some good form of exercise too. In a case where you are new in the neighborhood and you just do not want to use the internet to find one of these dry cleaners nearest, you can also literally ask around from one of the neighbors you found staying in that area or one you suspect could have been there longest, with his or her directions you will be able to locate a dry cleaners shop near you with less toil or hustle.

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Technology has in a way made things easy for life, with more websites like; www.24hrcoinlaundry.com and www.tidedrycleaners.com, it is so made easy to locate the nearest location of a dry cleaner. As mentioned above, the United States boasts most of the world renowned and largest dry cleaning shops and with some even spreading across the globe. With such huge numbers of the dry cleaners shops, it is or will be next to unthinkable or impossible not to find a dry cleaner shop near you.


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Yellow pages also offer a cool platform to be able to use for easy directions and location. All you need to do is grab a copy of the telephone directory from one of the public stands where they are usually put and straight away go to the classified yellow pages and get the names of the various dry cleaners available, one of the advantages of the yellow pages is that it offers detailed information concerning the location in terms of the physical location, the street name, the building and to add on that the telephone numbers just in case there is a miss of the street or that particular building or place the dry cleaners shop is located. You can also access yellow pages via the internet.

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South Florida Clean, 24hr Hallandale laundry, Tide dry cleaners, Pilgrim dry cleaners are some of the other well-known dry cleaners shops and laundry shops in the United States with so many branches or shop locations in almost every of the United States which is a confirmation too that it is usual for you not to find a dry cleaners shop nearest.  Placesnearmenow.com is the largest known searchable directory of laundry and local dry cleaner services around the United States and all you do after getting to this site is to feed in the name of your state, city, zip code or address currently and a listing of all the dry cleaners will appear on  the screen of your gadget or computer. As discussed earlier, most of these dry cleaners shops are open during the day, most of them from seven o’clock in the morning (7:00 am) to seven o’clock in the evening (7:00pm) between Monday to Friday, few will open their doors as early as half past six in the morning (6:30 am) to seven o’clock in the evening (7:00 pm) and then majority of them will work half day during weekends and holidays.

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Dry Cleaners near me

One of the biggest advantages of finding a dry cleaner nearest is that fabrics or clothes or laundry, in general, is given specialized attention depending on the kind of fabric.

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