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Have you ever wondered is possible that in one store everything would be a dollar? If you then you might wonder how can I find Dollar Stores near me than? Then you have come to the right place. A Dollar Store is simply a place where you can get almost every essential thing you may need at a flat rate of a dollar. The prices of a few of the products and items can either be higher or lower than a dollar.

Dollar Stores Near Me – Use the Map

To get answer on how to find Dollar Stores near me now we have provided a ultra quick and simple solution. By selecting the nearest Dollar Store closest to your location on the interactive map, it will be shown a information about Dollar Stores location and how to reach it.


Please make sure that GPS is enabled on your mobile device in order for map to display Dollar Stores closest to you.

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It is cheap: the fact that everything has a constant price is exciting. A dollar is a very fair price for essential items considering that some stores could be charging the higher for the same product that costs a dollar in a dollar store. This can help you save a lot of money as you do your household shopping or your own personal shopping.
Perfect accessibility: there are several dollar stores in most neighborhoods. This means that whatever you will ever need can be easily accessed. You will not need to drive longer distances to get your supplies. This will save you a lot of time, energy and effort. The fact that they are usually close by means that you can always get what you need at any time in just a blink of an eye and saves you that gas for better things.
Convenient: dollar stores are always convenient. Other than everything being one dollar, and them being close by, you can find everything you want under one roof.



There are hundreds and thousands of dollar stores in numerous areas especially in the United States and some other specific countries. In an event that you do not know where to find a dollar store in an area where you live, you can simply use a Google map application to locate it. Google map application is capable of locating anything under the sun for anyone. It is simple to use and does not require registration or any complex procedures before you are able to use it. It has been designed to be simple and easy to use.
Other than the Google map, there are other resources found online that can be of very great help to you in trying to locate a dollar store that is near you. For example, there is a website called Dollar Stores Locations. This website will help you in an excellent way. When you visit the site, you will be required to enter the name of your city as well as the state in which you are in or the zip code of that state. After entering the above information, click on the ‘search button’ and wait for the results to be displayed. When they are finally displayed, click on any of the names found so that you can be able to view finer details like the exact physical address as well as their approximated distance from your residence.
It is also very possible for you to find dollar stores near you by simply asking your relatives, friends or even neighbors that are closer to you. If you are new in a neighborhood, those who have lived there have a clear perspective of all the dollar stores present in that area and they can give you a better guide with much more details that you hoped for since there is a probability that they know the stores inside out. They can easily give you deeper details even concerning the products.

There are three major dollar stores that are well established and their roots run deeper and they include:
● Family dollar store
● Dollar tree
● Dollar general.



This is a one dollar shopping store that serves the United States and has over eight thousand stores in all the States exclusive of Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. Its headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The store was founded by Leone Levine in 1959 who by then was a 21 years old entrepreneur. It is a subsidiary type of store and as of 2015 to the present time; it has been under Dollar Tree store. The supplies found is Family dollar stores include:
● Clothing: anything that can be put one by children and even adults of all sizes.
● Cleaning supplies: this ranges from liquid detergents to powder soaps and even bar soaps.
● Home décor: the products that are used to decorate a home and make it more beautiful and attractive to look at and live in.
● Groceries: these are the products used to make meals or are meant to be eaten.
Family dollar stores carry products with brand names from companies like Hormel, Havoline, Pedigree, Snuggle, Tylenol and much more. All the things that you will ever need to run your home and take care of your family are made available to you.
In the event that you want to find a Family Dollar Store near you, there is a very easy search feature in their website, that will help you to quickly find the location. The only thing you will require is your address and the distance you want the store to be from your physical location that will be convenient for you.




This is a public company that was founded by K.R. Perry, Macon Brock, Doug Perry and Ray Compton in the year 1991 in Norfolk, Virginia, United States. Its headquarters is located in Chesapeake, Virginia, United States. The Dollar Tree has its branches in over thirteen thousand, six hundred locations and it serves the whole of the United States and Canada. Most of the products found there are one dollar or less. Dollar Tree stores offer the following supplies other than those that are also offered at Family Dollar stores.
● Party supplies: these are inclusive of disposable paper plates and cups and every other thing required to take a party to the next level.
● Books: Dollar Tree Stores also sell books for all kind of age that are worth a dollar or less and this gives it a greater advantage compared to the other stores.
● Toys: the store also has toys for children to play with that are affordable and fun. This is particularly amazing as you can get your kid as many toys as you want because they are pocket-friendly.
● Glassware: all the glass items that you will need for your home or work.
● Dinnerware: a complete set of all the items required to set up dinner for your family or friends.
● Craft supplies: This are all the fun crafts for the kids or even for yourself and it is inclusive of things like paint, colors, paint brushes, canvas to draw on, drawing books and the likes.
● Electronics: they also have a vast supply of different kinds of electronics and this comes in handy as you can find quality electronic products at just one dollar or even less.
● Frozen foods: the Dollar Tree stores offer frozen dinners that are convenient for people as you will only be required to warm them and indulge if you do not have time to cook because of one reason or the other.
● Floral supplies: these are the supplies that you will need for your flowers, their arrangements or anything needed to make them beautiful and attractive.



The Dollar General store was formerly known as J.L. Turner and Son wholesale and was founded by J.L. Turner and Cal Turner Sr. in 1939, Scottsville, Kentucky. Its headquarter is located in 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States. As of January 2016, their stores summed up to twelve thousand, four hundred and eighty-three (12,483). Of all the stores available, Alaska, Idaho, Dakota, Hawaii, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming are not partakers of the Dollar General. In the event that you want to locate Dollar General Store near you, you can easily log into their website, Dollar General and search using your location.
It is important to note that even though the name has the word ‘Dollar’, it does not necessarily mean everything in the store is a dollar. Some are more than a dollar but the baseline is that they are still cheap and that you will get to save and also the goods sold usually have a price that is set. The products offered by Dollar General Stores are just like those in Family Dollar but they have other things that give them an upper advantage and they include:
● Health and beauty aids: these include things like make ups for women, skin cleaners, and purifiers and other skin products as well as health products.
● Pet supplies: having a pet is not all about providing a home only. It includes things like foods, shower products like shampoos and other things they may require.
● Seasonal items: there are those items that hit the market for a certain period of time or a certain season like winter, summer and other seasons. Whatever products or items needed for such occasions, the store will make them available for its customers.
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Having these extra items on sale gives Dollar General Store an upper hand against Family Dollar but no harm is done because Family Dollar is its subsidiary store. Even so, more customers will ultimately be drawn to Dollar General because they offer a lot more than the competitor.
Other than just stores, Dollar General also have markets that serve to capture a wider audience and consequently bring in more money because if you fail to visit a Dollar General store you may just end up visiting its market. The Dollar General market consists of chains of hypermarkets that usually sell the products and supplies found in their stores and they also have a wider grocery selections as well as fresh produce that will leave you spoilt for choice.
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Other than the above stores, there are other numerous dollar stores online that can equally meet your need and they are as close as they get. The fact that you only need an internet connection to shop is just amazing. After making your purchase, you have to wait on the delivery and the beauty of it all is that some offer free shipping and delivery of goods that cost more than a certain specific amount. The only downside to online dollar stores is the fact that the delivery can take a day or more and maybe the products or items that you need are quite urgent. Some of the online dollar stores include Holler, Dollar Fanatic, H & J Closeouts and

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